Screaming but No One’s Listening

This is an old poem of mine. Hopefully you all will enjoy it! 

My heart is screaming, I’m tired of it all! How much more can my heart take… God oh God come please take away the screaming desire that burns through my heart. It eats at me, it clings to me. I want to SCREAM. I want to yell with a passion… I’m tired of keeping quiet, I’m tired of waiting. This pain is going to get loose somehow. I’m tired of acting polite; I’m tired of keeping my head on straight. The only thing keeping me from losing it is now you God… God is holding me down, whispering in my ear. Whispers of peace and comfort. But why isn’t that enough… Why does my earthly body drive for more…? It’s not fair… Pain is not to be bottle up! Pain and torment is not intended to keep as pets. They only eat everything that has even a glimpse of happiness. They feast on all the good… I want to scream in pain. Will it release me if I scream loud enough? Will my yells of pain and indifference force the pain to turn its vengeful eyes off of me?

~ by branhow on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “Screaming but No One’s Listening”

  1. EMO EMO EMO!!!!!
    i love you my lil emo bude!!!


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