Je me dénude Remix!

Get your attention? This picture is kind of a knock off of Josiane Lalonde (Canadian blogger). I hope I did not scare anyone! lol Women are much more beautiful than men. We are just really disgusting and I do not know what you ladies see in us! lol Anyways this blog entry was inspired by another fellow blogger (Josiane Lalonde). First off I do not speak French, so I have to translate her blog via Google Translation. I first learned about her from some of her youtube videos. Google Translation is at least accurate enough for me to understand the majority of what she is saying. Anyways she brought up the topic of women having to act sexual in order to obtain recognition. This topic is relevant, especially in the media realm. It is a shame that women have to portray themselves in a sexual manner just for any kind of attention. But thankfully I believe the internet is beginning to change the status quo. I believe the internet is making a difference in the lives of many people and is giving people for the first time in history a universal voice. People from any religious faith, gender or ethnic background have the ability to speak out. The Internet knows no discrimination and as long as you can connect, then you can have a voice.

And to all of the women out there that are reading this blog. You are worth much more than for just your body. Remember to hold yourselves with dignity and pride! I believe that as long as you have interesting content you will be heard. There are plenty of women who have maintain their reputation, look to them for guidance. In the long run, sex does not sell.


~ by branhow on December 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Je me dénude Remix!”

  1. i am actually getting sick of everything having to be sexually oriented. also roflmao to the picture


  2. Dude first off I think you should go on one of those dating websites and see how many hits you get with this pic… second off well said with this post my friend I just wish girls would listen to this advice more


  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Brandon Howard and Josiane Lalonde, Josiane Lalonde. Josiane Lalonde said: Je me dénude : Le Remix !! C'est à s'y méprendre… […]


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