A More Unified World

Right now we live in a world that is in total seperation. What exactly do I mean when we are in one of the most advance times in history? When we can hop a plan and travel anywhere in the world. We have an enormous abundance of information via the www. Well I’m speaking about seperation in the tech industry! 😛 haha We have a world of Windows, Mac, Linux and other smaller OS’s. Well as of now if we are on one platform we have to buy the software for the specific platform. Well thanks to Adobe that may be a thing of the past. Adobe has released Adobe Air! I have been very exacted about it since it debuted back in the day and it is finally reaching it’s maturity. With Adobe’s Air we know have the ability to write one program in AIR and then it will run on all Operating Systems that support Air. Well as of now Windows, Mac and Linux support Adobe’s Air! This is a landmark innovation in the tech department and I think it’ll just be a thing of the past to develop software on one platform! Us Mac and Linux users have been left out in the cold while Windows hogs all of the software development! Thank God Adobe is paving the way to a closer unified world!

~ by branhow on March 6, 2008.

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