China- Here I Come

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As most of you know, I have been quite passionate about China since my first visit in 2008. I have been to China a total of four times, but unfortunately I have not been back since 2012. The closest I have been to China was when I went to the Chinatown’s in Toronto and Washington DC. Most of my efforts over the years have been to help me get back to China. I applied for a teaching job back in December 2015 and have been working through the elimination process. Many individuals have helped me through this journey and without them, I would not have been successful. As of a few weeks ago, I have signed a contract to teach in Guangzhou, Guangdong China!

I am extremely excited and it has been quite difficult keeping this a secret. I guess I just wanted to make sure that this was a done deal. The Lord has finally blessed me with one of my dearest dreams. I will be flying to Guangzhou August 26, 2016. I wanted to share with everyone some pictures that my future school sent me! I am very very excited and will be teaching American History and World History. I have been scrambling on getting some materials together; I would like to try some new methods of instruction that I have been interested in lately.

Lastly, as most of you all know, China unfortunately blocks most American social media websites. I definitely want to keep in touch with everyone, so I think the only way I could keep in touch is via email. Now I still have some time before August 26, but if you are interested in keeping in touch with me via my newsletter, please message me on Facebook or you can contact me directly if you have my phone number or email address. They haven’t changed all of these years. I would love it if you would join my newsletter, so I can keep you all posted about this exciting new journey in my life!

Study Tips

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The New Year has begun, school is back in session, its almost time for Cumberland County exams to start! Jan 11, 2016- Jan 15, 2016! This post is for my students in American History One! I have poured my soul into you guys, I am proud of you all! This is the last tip I would like to give you all to help prepare you for your exams next week. Please do not take these tips for granted, they will help you immensely. I have found some videos on YouTube explaining these tips, so watch them and get ideas to help you study!

Tip #1- The Pomodoro Technique

Have you ever studied all night for an exam or test and then end up with a worse grade than you expected? There is such a thing as too much studying, our brains are actually trained to operate in 10-15 minute spans (some actually speculate its less) because of television and commercials. The worse thing you can do is cram all that material into your brain over a 2-3 hour timespan. The best thing you can do is break it down and take breaks. The Pomodoro Technique is actually how I learned how to read Japanese (over 50+ letters in their alphabet) and how to read and write Korean within a day. It can help you tremendously! Start using this technique now!

Tip #2- Look through these tips and find out what tips work best for you!

Not all of these tips will help you! The great thing about people is that we are all uniquely different! I may not like drawing all over my body facts that relate to the material in order to stir up my brain, but for a while I would carry around Chinese vocabulary flash cards in my back pocket. If I was waiting in line, I would pull them out and go over them. Anything that will help you work through the information, no matter how silly, will pay off!

Tip #3- You can actually study the wrong way?! GASP!

Study smarter, not harder. There are plenty of times where we spend a lot of time doing things, but there are smarter faster ways to do something. Let’s face it, you have four other classes to study for and a lot of material to cover. Take a step back and focus on the main ideas and how you can maximize your study habits!

Tips #4- Defeat Procrastination!

If you wait till the last night before exams to start studying, the truth is you will probably not perform to the best of your abilities or even worse –> FAIL!!!!!!! Make sure you at least try to study. Some time is better than no time, don’t procrastinate!! You do not want to regret spending this week foolishly or not studying and mess up. Remember this state exam is 25% of your grade. You have come too far to mess up now! Just hang in there, it’s only a little over a week left of the hard stuff in school! Anyway I will be praying for you all and best wishes! Good luck!


Miss Japan 2015- Ariana Miyamoto

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ariana miyamoto.jpgHappy New Year Eve everyone! It has definitely been an interesting year, with many exciting opportunities and challenges. I wanted to mention this hot topic on my blog because it was of interest to me. I sort of sympathize with Miss Japan because she is considered an outsider, even in her native country. I know I cannot properly relate with her issues but I also feel as though I do not properly relate to my country at times. The United States is changing exponentially fast and I’m not sure at times for the better. But as far the the topic at hand concerning Ariana Miyamoto-san, I do not have a lot to say involving my opinions. Japan is probably facing a change ethnically as did the United States and other first world countries did some time ago. Japan will increasingly need to evolve concerning their ideals toward what it means to be Japanese, but they shouldn’t give up what it means to be Japanese. Sometimes I fantasize about other cultures mostly because they have such a distinct culture/heritage behind them. The American culture is a bit of a hodgepodge and I feel as though we have adopted every else’s culture and we have none unique of our own. Anyway I curated several different news clips and opinion clips from various different sources that I respect. I hope they bring about some form of reflection on ethnicity, nationality, culture and globalism. Happy New Year everyone!



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Bo’s Coffee

Monday: English Entry- Today I meet with a friend of mine named Jessica. We ate at a Korean restaurant, it is one of my favorite places to eat. We both ate some noodles called Jajjamyung. Afterward we went to grab some coffee. I did not do a lot today. My Chinese friends who left for China two days ago kept messaging me on WeChat about their journey back home. I already miss them!

짜장면 Jjajamyeon- Black Bean Sauce and Noodles

星期一:中文- 今天我等遇到了我的朋友。她的名字叫Jessica.我们在一个韩国饭店吃了饭。这个饭店是我喜欢的一家饭店。我们都吃的是麵。它叫짜장면。之后我们去喝了咖啡。今天我没干多少事。两天前,我的中国朋友们回国了,我们依旧在微信上保持联系,他 们跟我聊了回家的旅途见闻。我已经开始想他们了。


Sunday: English Entry- Good evening! Today I went to church. I really like going to church. I go every week. I love God and I go to church because God is my Father.

星期日:中文- 今天我去了教堂。我真喜欢去教堂。我每周都去。 我爱上帝,我去教堂是 因为上帝是我的神父。

Animazement 2015

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Animazement 2015 was this past weekend (Memorial Day weekend) and it was my fourth time. I do not watch much anime anymore, but needless to say, I still get a kick out of going to this event. It has also peaked my interest back into anime. I uploaded all my photos to my Google drive account and for sake of time, I added a link to my Google Drive Folder marked Animazement. If you want to check out more of the photos, please click on the link provided below! Enjoy! Photo Album Link-


These cute girls are by far one of my favorite character sets at the convention. I really like Steven’s Universe.


She’s getting my peppermint tea!


They event had a mock maid cafe!


This gentlemen was trained in the traditional Japanese art of the tea ceremony. I learned a lot from his presentation/ demonstration.


Perhaps they could be twins? LoL


One Piece! I took this for a particular student of mine!

Please Help!

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皆さんこんにちは!私のブログ( に関してなのですが、また投稿を再開したいと考えているんです。私は特別な趣味・興味についての記事を取り扱っています。現在取り掛かっている記事は日本のメイドカフェについてのものです。ですので、に通う方、又はそこで実際に働いている方とお話できることを希望しています。ご気軽にメッセージくださいね。

Hello everyone! I have a blog ( and I am wanting to start writing on it again. I am working on some special interest articles. The article I am currently working on concerns maid cafes in Japan. I was hoping to speak with either a man who goes to maid cafes or a girl who actually works in one. Please feel free to message me.

Perks of Being a Teacher- April Fools

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Though I have not been teaching long (only about two years) there are some things that I have tried to make a tradition with all of my  students. Every Halloween during my American History class I deck my classroom out spookily and dress up as a character from an old American horror classic (Washington Irving or Edgar Allen Poe, etc) and I act out some of the old scary stories by those American authors. Another thing I like to do for my class is buy them little treats every Christmas and Easter. It is a small token of my affections for them, I have been greatly blessed and I wish to be a blessing to my students.

The reason for this particular post is for another tradition that I have managed to keep alive these past few years and I hope to continue in the future. Last year for April Fools Day I pretended that I arrived to school late and had nothing prepared to teach for that day. I made my students believe that we were going to watch the Hunger Games due to my negligence. I told them that if an administrator came in that the movie Hunger Games related to anarchy and totalitarian dictatorship, which was a topic we were covering in Civics (basically an American Government class). Needless to say my students were greatly disappointed when they found out I was joking!

Well this pass Wednesday I played another joke on my students that I wanted to share. Because of Spring Break (and us being out for Good Friday) I decided to move our usual Friday’s test to Wednesday. Well at the beginning of class I offered all of my students a chance to gain some extra credit on their test. I passed out a word search and told them whoever finds the most words within five minutes, they would receive five points on their test. I started a timer and the students began their fruitless search for the words noted on the worksheet. Here is where the prank comes into play, not a single word was located in the word search. Instead the word search contain words like “joke, prank, laughoutloud, april fools”. I could hardly keep from blowing my cover, but this was a nice innocent prank that only took about five minutes of our class time. None of my classes took the entire five minutes because they figured it out usually within a couple of minutes. Another funny thing was my third period began complaining after a minute and I tricked them into searching a little longer by telling them that they always give up easily. That really motivated my students! I included a downloadable PDF version of the word search if any of you might want to try it with your class (either for April Fools or just a gag in the classroom). I teach Social Studies so the word search I constructed related to history, but there are plenty of word search creators online. After I created the word search I took a print screen of the puzzle and opened Microsoft Word. I placed the image of the puzzle in the word file and then typed in the words not found in the puzzle. Enjoy.

Download Prank Word Search Here


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