Is It Too Late For Symbian?

I have been playing around with Mobile Phones a lot lately. But I have been playing around with Nokia phones for a lot longer. My first phone was a Nokia phone and I have had three Nokia phones since 2000. So Symbian is really special to me and I think it is a very solid mobile phone operating system. The only problem is the Apple iPhone OS as well as the Google Android mobile operating systems have really surpassed Nokia’s Symbian OS. For the last couple of years Symbian has been talking about releasing their code into the Open Source community. Well they have finally released all of the code as Open Source!

Now I feel as though this is really important for Nokia, but I feel as though it might be a little too late. But if anyone can revitalize the Symbian OS I think it would be the Open Source Community. I was actually a little worried about S60 because Nokia had released a new phone distro called Maemo. The Maemo OS seemed like it was a new attempt for Nokia to look at the mobile phone market and kick Symbian to the curb.

I guess we can only wait and see. But the real question I am wondering is what does this mean for my old Nokia N95?

~ by branhow on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “Is It Too Late For Symbian?”

  1. i hope symbian survives at least a little longer


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