Dalian and the Pandemic

It’s been almost 4 months since we’ve returned back to Dalian, China. It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were being informed that our return flight to China was cancelled because of the pandemic and we were unsure how to get back to Mainland China. In this post, I wanted to show my family and friends how Dalian is handling the pandemic. 

Toward the end of December, beginning of January, there were a several cases that broke out here in Dalian/ greater Liaoning province. The local municipalities had required our school to close and we were all back with distance learning. During those few weeks, the local government here tested almost everyone in Dalian three times! Just to give you some better perspective, Dalian according to Wikipedia, as of 2010, had a population of around 6,700,000 people.

In the photos above are an example of what my health QR code looks like. If your code is green then you have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 and if the code is red, then you have been around someone who was exposed or you yourself have caught COVID. The rest of the photos consist of the various signs plastered all over the walls, doors of different malls or metro stations in Kaifaqu 開發區. In some of the pictures you can see the people lining up trying to get their codes to load and then a gentlemen standing at the entrance checking people’s temperature. The blue card 通行證 was a physical permit we had to carry around in order to prove that we live in our apartment complex so that we could come and go freely. Thankfully, since the cases have now dropped to none, our apartment complex is no longer requiring us to carry those pieces of paper.

Well here in Dalian, the biggest thing that has been widely adopted to “help prevent” the spread of COVID-19 are QR health codes. All residents here are required to register for a Liaoning health codes, whether through WeChat 微信or Alipay 支付寶. Residents/ visitors are then required to show this health code to most establishments in order to go inside. This is especially true for using public transportation, like the metro or bus system. Most major shopping malls around Dalian are checking people’s temperature. 

As of today, February 16, 2021, there have been no new cases of COVID-19 for almost two months. While I’m not sure how accurate these health codes are, the precautions taken by the Dalian municipal government have seemingly worked. I know this is a sensitive topic around many countries with implementing this type of health code or health check passport, but I’ve heard other countries have begun to implement such practices. Several of my friends back home in the USA have wondered about this and to be honest, it really hasn’t affected my daily life that much. That being said, I’m wanting to leave my person opinions out of this post and just share what Dalian has implemented during the pandemic. Do you guys think this type of health check/ COVID prevention scheme would work in your home country or area? Let me know in the comments below and please let’s remember to be civil. 

~ by branhow on February 16, 2021.

2 Responses to “Dalian and the Pandemic”

  1. I’m outside the Mainland and apparently QQ is warning me about writing here … lol … allow me to share what is happening here in Hanoi … obviously many folks especially in USA / UK will have a different perspective but I am also trying to avoid any investment in any particular polarized socio-political view. There hasn’t been any QR codes or documents needed to utilize to get around. However, during a previous lockdown in Hanoi no buses, nearly all places except pharmacies or supermarkets were closed and people were told to avoid going places except to get to the pharmacy or supermarket. It was like a ghost town and it was amazing to notice how nearly everyone went along with it voluntarily without any serious intervention from the local government. Of course there has been different incidents that the government seriously locked down and closed off community areas very strictly with no one allowed in or out . Ex. One community was totally locked down and the next day various government agencies swarmed over it in a coordinated effort to minimize Covid … spraying something everywhere.. complete trace and track … testing many many people… recently, between Hanoi and Hai Long an entire county is currently under lockdown.. in the central and south there have been similar incidents.. DaNang and Saigon (old name) currently Ho Chi Minh (newer name) has shuttered schools etc … apparently these outbreaks have come from those who have returned or otherwise… Nearly everyone wears a typical medical mask … buses require this .. temperature taken at malls .. I happen to wear both a cloth like mask with medical mask on the outside and at times even more layers.. obviously, some, few expats here don’t do this and since Covid cases in Hanoi are very few then the danger is also greatly reduced except in those areas currently having an outbreak. I wear masks to reduce as much as possible the amount of viruses entering my face.. including the Flu or Cold etc.. Local folks do not view wearing masks or following government announcements as something to be avoided either. I’ve lived in Taiwan, the Mainland and now stuck here for over 30 years . Actually I’m worried about following the habits of Asians if and when I return to the States due to the intense polarized social environment. I am anxious about others being aggressive towards me if I choose to wear masks or social distance etc…. I lived very closely with locals in each city .. obviously, locals have their own opinions about the local or national government too .. as for me I lived a normal typical lifestyle that I have experienced throughout my life … regardless of the government or political views … hopefully when I most likely return to the States I will not have to get involved with the polarized environment… I hope I will be able to visit my new friends (i have only fond memories of others since i rarely spent endless money to fly back each year) . Whatever your views are …I hope you will continue to have a good life. Thanks for your patience to read this ….


  2. Brandon,
    I don’t think it would work here. People are not of collective mindset.


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