Cantonese Class 101

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This is the second site/ service that I have found that assists individuals in learning Cantonese. The first podcast I found that did an amazing job of teaching Cantonese was Naked Cantonese, which is a broadcast provided by RTHK in Hong Kong. But Cantonese Class 101 is a division within a large online language learning business that teaches a broad range of languages. I have utilized them for ChineseClass101 (which helps with Mandarin) and Japanesepod101. If you decide to upgrade to the premium services make sure to use the coupon code VIP65 for a 65% discount.

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This coming May, I will spend most of the month in Hong Kong, so I am trying to pick up as much Cantonese as I can before I spend part of my summer there. Cantonese is much more difficult than Mandarin, but I still enjoy listening to Cantonese much more than Mandarin. My Chinese minor was in Mandarin and luckily more Hong Kong youth are beginning to learn Mandarin. I still think speaking to a group of people in their native tongue is very important to interact with the locals. Especially since Cantonese is the most spoken dialect of Chinese after Mandarin.

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The hosts of this podcast/ network are actually very informative and entertaining (well at least from the first several podcasts I have listened to). I really like the voice of both Nicole and Matthew (though I like Nicole’s voice more lol). Anyways I have found the site useful and I like that they provide notes for the lessons, especially since Naked Cantonese does not provides a transcribe of their lessons.The only disadvantage is that these notes are only available with paid subscriptions. But if you consider the prices of other language learning programs out there, this cost is minimal. So for those of you who are contemplating on traveling throughout southern China or Hong Kong, this may be a very good chance to brush up on your Cantonese!

Cantonese Class 101

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