My Current Dilemma With Evangelicalism

I have been raised an evangelical all my life, while I don’t really want to go into details about my past, I do want to share some current things that I have been struggling with personally in my evangelical faith. More specifically, the current dilemma I have with American Evangelicalism. Well, some of you might be wondering what exactly is an evangelical or you hear this term being thrown around a lot in the media. I am going to link toward a very interesting discussion done on the 10 minute Bible Hour concerning this very topic of defining evangelicals.

There have been several high profile evangelical Christian pastors who have been found to have had alternative lives, committing such atrocious sins I believe if Paul were still alive, he would refer to these sins in a similar fashion as he does in 1 Corinthians 5… Paul even says in response “Purge the evil person from among you” in the last verse of chapter 5. Just as this fellow YouTuber below describes in the video below.

Brian Houston’s latest scandal definitely hit me hard personally but one that I struggled with for months was concerning Ravi Zacharias, who I grew up listening to on the radio and often thought of as a great Christian apologist. There is something very wrong with the Church in general in our modern society and unfortunately it is just the evangelical church in the USA has taken center stage…

I’m not even sure where to go exactly with this blog post… This has just been a pressing matter on my heart these past fews months and I have been struggling with an overwhelming sense of not belonging or perhaps even a sort of identity crisis. My Faith in the Lord is unshaken but I am struggling with how I personally wish to define myself as an evangelical and I have been rethinking a lot of my Christian framework in general. Please be praying for the Church and praying for those who have been equally disturbed by these horrific actions committed by “men of God”. I don’t know too much about the situation with Brian Houston, but Ravi definitely disturbed me to the point where I couldn’t even stomach much of what was unearthed in his private life.

~ by branhow on April 22, 2022.

4 Responses to “My Current Dilemma With Evangelicalism”

  1. I never refer to myself as evangelical. It’s become almost a dirty word now. I call myself a believer in Jesus Christ


    • You’re right, it really had become a dirty word… Very disheartening. I agree, I feel like we need to define ourselves differently because even calling yourself a Christian anymore has a very different meaning than it did 10-15 years ago…

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  2. I agree. I stopped calling myself a Christian when I realized that so many label themselves as one but never come to the cross.


  3. Man is sinful Christ is perfect. Follow Him alone.


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