Miss Japan 2015- Ariana Miyamoto

ariana miyamoto.jpgHappy New Year Eve everyone! It has definitely been an interesting year, with many exciting opportunities and challenges. I wanted to mention this hot topic on my blog because it was of interest to me. I sort of sympathize with Miss Japan because she is considered an outsider, even in her native country. I know I cannot properly relate with her issues but I also feel as though I do not properly relate to my country at times. The United States is changing exponentially fast and I’m not sure at times for the better. But as far the the topic at hand concerning Ariana Miyamoto-san, I do not have a lot to say involving my opinions. Japan is probably facing a change ethnically as did the United States and other first world countries did some time ago. Japan will increasingly need to evolve concerning their ideals toward what it means to be Japanese, but they shouldn’t give up what it means to be Japanese. Sometimes I fantasize about other cultures mostly because they have such a distinct culture/heritage behind them. The American culture is a bit of a hodgepodge and I feel as though we have adopted every else’s culture and we have none unique of our own. Anyway I curated several different news clips and opinion clips from various different sources that I respect. I hope they bring about some form of reflection on ethnicity, nationality, culture and globalism. Happy New Year everyone!


~ by branhow on December 31, 2015.

One Response to “Miss Japan 2015- Ariana Miyamoto”

  1. Love your blog! Happy new year!! ❤ xx


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