Enviromentally Awareness

hey everyone! first off I’d just like to say I don’t necessarily believe all of this global warming crap. But I do think we should do the best to take care of our planet. We should be good stewards of what we’re blessed with. So within saying this, there is a National Geographic special coming on tomorrow. *April 13, 2008*. This special is called “Human Footprint”. This will be premiering 9pm et & pt time. I’ve actually been interested in seeing this special since the first time I saw it about three weeks ago. It’s a fascinating subject. The special is going to mention things like how much the average human consumes to exist. I mean haven’t you thought of how many resources you’ll go through in your lifetime. Or how much food you’ll consume in your lifetime? It amazes me every time I think of it. I encourage you to watch this special and meditate heavily on what you can do throughout your lifespan to lighten your carbon footprint.

~ by branhow on April 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Enviromentally Awareness”

  1. Exactly what part of the “global warming crap” do you not believe?


  2. ok, well first off the earth always goes through temperature changes every so often. that’s been documented throughout our existence. it’s just how the earth handles it’s environment. but i do agree that we should conserve what we use and do. which really is the main point and important issue. we can’t just look at the last 30 years and compare the temperature. we have to look further than that, because otherwise it’ll look like global warming is happening. so to answer your question bluntly it’s this global warming stuff I don’t really believe.


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