A few weeks ago I asked everyone to pray for me because my heart was beating irregularly. Coincidentally I had taken some medication to help with a stomach problem and the heart palpitations began. After reading the side effects associated with this particular medication, I assumed it was an allergic react to the medication since that was a possible side effect. The only problem was that several days later after I had immediately stopped taking the medication, my heart was still acting weird. I went to the doctor twice and the second time my doctor asked me if my diet had changed recently. I told him that everything was normal, except I had begun drinking coffee. I personally have never been much of a coffee drinker, I have always preferred fruit juices or water, but within the past several weeks I have begun trying coffee more. I had been drinking a cup every day for that week in particular where my heart was beating wildly. For those of you who might not know, apparently coffee can cause heart palpitations. I knew coffee was caffeinated, but I just assumed there was just as much caffeine in coffee as there was a soda (even though I do not really drink a lot of soda either). My doctor told me that there was a considerable amount more caffeine in coffee and that it can cause in some heart palpitations. So once my doctor told me that, I went off the coffee and a couple days later my heart went back to normal. Thankfully after several days of constant skipping beats, my heart was at ease. Therefore, this last week I have been in search of some tasty decaffeinated coffee after not having not drank anymore coffee up until this point. So I thought I would talk briefly about the two types of decaf coffee I have tried. (^o^)v

I have a big fan of Canada and Toronto is one of my all time favorite cities that I have been blessed to visit. Some of my friends are Canadian and I have heard some of them mention a place called Tim Horton’s (which is sort of like a McDonald’s). Well in Fayetteville, North Carolina there are no Tim Horton’s, so I decided to see what I could find on the internet! I found out that the closest Tim Horton’s was in Virgina and I was not about to drive that distance for a cup of coffee! So thankfully Amazon had it where you could order a package of Tim Horton’s coffee. I have never purchased edible items from Amazon before, but I figured since it was coming from Amazon directly, it would be safe. Amazon Prime had my coffee even quicker than they had previously said in an email and I received it within one day! Once I opened my package, I headed straight to my one cup coffee maker and I used my re-useable kcups I had ordered off TV. After trying this Tim Horton’s decaf, I was not impressed. Actually I did not enjoy it to say the least. It tasted something like instant coffee and I was pretty disappointed. I cannot say if Tim Horton’s regular coffee is any better, but I can say I won’t be purchasing their decaf blend ever again. Often I have joked around with my friend’s that I was going to obtain dual citizenship with Canada, so I was really wanting this coffee to taste good because it came from the Great North!

Well too be honest I was already drinking Gevalia’s coffee before I switched to decaf. I think the Swedes have a lot going for them and especially their coffee! When I opened this bag of coffee, I thought that the coffee’s aroma was quite impressive. After drinking Gevalia’s regular coffee and having switched to their decaf blend, I cannot tell any major difference in their taste. I am a very picky coffee and tea drinker, but I must say, I will definitely be purchasing this type of coffee again. When I drink my coffee, I like to keep to the original taste of the coffee beans, so I will only add a small amount of cream and two packets of sugar. One last brand of decaf coffee I am looking forward to trying is Seattle’s Best! Gevalia and Seattle’s Best are my two favorite brands of coffee. In fact I prefer Seattle’s Best over Starbucks!

On another note, one other decaf I tried was McDonald’s decaf coffee, but I think McDonald’s should stick to fast food! lol

~ by branhow on January 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “Decaf”

  1. Å ,så svensk kafe er den beste!

    Oh, so Swedish coffee is the best!


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