Japanese Social Networking

I recently purchased a Japanese book and while I was reading it, the website that I am about to talk about briefly was mentioned in it. Mixi is a Japanese social networking website that has been around for some time now. Currently I am learning Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I thought that Mixi would give me a better chance of interacting with native Japanese speakers, especially because there are not that many Japanese people in the surrounding area or that I know for that matter. So after I decided to sign up for the website I ran into a major problem! It would appear that Mixi is limited to those who can register for their website, but don’t worry, I found a work around.

When registering for Mixi you will find that they ask for a Japanese cell phone number and a Japanese cell carrier. Well I am not in Japan, so there is no way that I could enter in that kind of information. I tried to skip over it, but the website would not allow me to continue to the next page. After searching for a solution, I found out that if you register using a .edu email address, it does not require you to enter in a Japanese phone number. Thankfully I had one that was given to me through my university, even though I do not really use it. Once you have registered for your Mixi account using a .edu email address, if you do not speak or read Japanese, I think the best thing would be to download or use Google Chrome. The reason why I prefer this browser is because I am currently learning Japanese and I cannot comprehend a lot of the words I am reading. Google Chrome will allow you to translate the page so that you can at least navigate around the website. One nice thing that I also liked about Mixi, is that they have a really nice iOS app and they also have an Android app!

So for those of you learning Japanese or wish to learn more about the Japanese culture, I hope that this information was a good recommendation! If you found this useful or have any other recommendations you would like to share, please leave a comment or like this post! (^o^)v

~ by branhow on January 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Japanese Social Networking”

  1. Hi Brandon, I hope you write a blog post about something like this for people who’s interested in learning Korean & maybe Spanish language 🙂


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