Guia Fortress Outing

Greetings, I have been thinking about different directions that I would like to take this blog and what exactly do I feel is important in the world today. It is no secret to most of my friends, but my faith is vital to my life and family. Not only has the Christian faith been of the upmost importance in my life, but the Christian experience in China and Chinese territories or regions around the world. After living in Mainland China (specifically Guangzhou and Dalian) for the past six years, I have been praying and reflecting on my time in China. One of the main reasons we moved to Macau was influenced by witnessing the hardships of the Church in Mainland and its direct impact on our family. As a Christian, lover of history and seeing a need for preserving Christian heritage in China, this is a primary focus I will be moving forward with my blog in the future. Many Chinese believe that Christianity is a western religion, but the Lord has a long history with the people of China and Christianity is a religion for all cultures and people. The way that I can portray this narrative on my blog is yet to be completely decided upon though, please help me pray for guidance and inspiration.

I have shared a few photos from a recent outing with my oldest boy and myself. I hope I can perhaps write about this topic more in the future. One of the iconic historical landmarks of Macau, Guia Hill hosts a beautiful Cathedral, a lighthouse and fortress. It was an intentional effort to take my oldest son to this UNESCO heritage site to inspire my boy with the lasting impact that Christ has manifested Himself through the work of His followers. Though we could not take photos inside the Cathedral and that is it no longer serving as a place of worship, it’s symbolism and serenity continues to serve as a reminder of Macau’s Christian heritage. It was an honor to pray inside such a historical landmark overlooking Macau with my son for the Lord to continue His work in Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

My family’s identity consists of a biracial identity (American and Chinese) and a Christian heritage. I am seeking a balance between sharing that cultural/ religious understanding with my two boys and even the greater Christian population to some degree. We are increasingly becoming a people detached from our history and believe that antiquity has no place in modernity. As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, I hope that this blog can inspire Christians (especially Chinese Christians and non Christians alike), that the Word of God is true and God has inspired generations of individuals across two millennia to share His love to the nations.

~ by branhow on October 4, 2022.

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