Belkin Tech Support Sucks

ok well I previously owned a Linksys Wireless G Router and I would still own it if it wasn’t for my cats. Long story short my cats destroyed my wifi router. So anyways at BestBuy they had a Belkin N router for $69.99. Well considering what they cost when they first came out I was like “HECK YA”.  So anyways I purchase the Belkin F5D8233-4 and tried setting it up. Well first off I own a Macbook running the latest version of Tiger and a Windows Desktop running XP Pro fully patched. But I plugged in my macbook via ethernet and ran the installer disk. Well guess what it wouldn’t even run. It seems to me a very poorly written installer (I’m not sure about the windows side). But anyways I decided to do it manually because after I did get the installer to run it was too limited for me to fix it. So I changed it to a dynamic setting and all the other bells and whistles. Well now instead of getting the 300mbps I am getting an average of 130mbps! I called Belkin and I spoke with several different guys all of which told me completely different options to try. One told me to change my encryption to WEP (I had it set for WPA and I think thats a given why), another told me to disable the firewall on the router (what good is that in the long run? then I’m not protected) and then finally they told me to change the channels and I ended up with an even worse connection. So I hate to say it but I don’t think Belkin tech support is any good.

~ by branhow on March 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “Belkin Tech Support Sucks”

  1. You cabron no sabe nada, you need to have an N card to get 300 MBPs, you need channel 11, WPS off, and than you need to use WPA banwith 20/40…but you need Wireless mode in N only…and voila…your pinche internet is now 300 mbps…call belkin tech support and ask for John Doe


  2. Hey your culo no sabe nada…Ask for freakin John Doe…he’s the top shit there


  3. It was true what I said, you need and N card, WPS off, WPA, wireless mode N only, and bandwith 20/40 channel 11, Protected mode on


  4. I’m posting how to do it and yet my comments are deleted…you are dont make sense…but whatever…people will continue to buy belkin…is stupid poeple like you who dont know how they work…


    • umm dude i did not delete any comments. i do not do that unless they are rude, such as your last three comments. I just had not yet approved them. you have self esteem issues don’t you? and btw if you look at the date on that post, it was a long time ago. I’ve already fix that problem almost as soon as i wrote that post. so thanks for the input, i appreciate it.


  5. cool you fixed it…I sorry for not checking the date…I just google belkin teh support suck and it was the first result…this thng really work


  6. its ok my friend. i was only just pointing it out, I couldn’t sense your sarcasm. Anyways ya it works and it also helps if you have it only broadcast at the N spectrum. Unfortunately then nothing else will work thats not N ready. I still prefer wired over wireless so in fact most of my stuff is wired over gigabit.

    I also no longer have this router. I bought a new N router a couple of months ago and this new one I have has a USB port so I can attach an external drive. It’s also a Belkin, so I love Belkin hardware, just hate the tech support.


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