Windows Vista

hey everyone! Yes… I did it. I have finally re-installed Vista Home Premium. I think SP1 is out now so I’m hoping the previous problems I had will be solved. Also I have a 2 gigahertz Dual Core Processor. I have almost 3 gigs of RAM in my machine. a 256 megabyte PCI-E video card. I also have 2 200 gig HDs inside it. Just within starting up Vista it’s using about 10% of my resources. I think thats pretty insane. Plus my audio card is not working and Vista Home Premium is only utilizing probably 45% of my video card. I’m updating it now and it’s going to take a while on a 1.5 mbps connection.

The only reason I installed Vista is because I was running XP Pro before. Well I want to use my XP Pro copy on my Macbook. It won’t take up the resources like Vista. I’m going to install XP Pro with Bootcamp and then use VMware to use it within OS X. That way if I decide to dedicate the whole laptop to XP Pro I can or I can use the partition inside OS X.

~ by branhow on April 19, 2008.

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