this is a another Japanese show that has completely caught my attention. It only has 11 episode’s and I think it’s been out for a while. This TV show is about Akihabara which is a rising Otaku in Japan! Anyways the show is about hackers, musicians, waitresses, cos-players, and a designer. The show starts off with a group of kids that are trying to meet Yui. Yui is a girl that is famous on the World Wide Web. She’s sort of a psychologist that assists people over the web. Anyways the team is trying their best to meet up with Yui and when they finally met her she passes out! Unfortunately she died of a drug overdose… So the team decides to take her place and help others using the technology that their good at. This show is very weird and funny. This show is very geeky, so if your a Japanese fanatic and a geek you’ll love this show! You can find it on http://silentregrets.com. Then just search for Akihabara@Deep. You’ll love it.

~ by branhow on May 1, 2008.

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