Cloud Backup

hey guys! I know it’s been a little while since I last posted but I have an interesting little service to talk about today. This cloud service pertains to backing up data. If you are using a computer, you probably realize how easy it is to lose information. Whether you accidently deleted a file, your hard drive crashed, or your whole computer became infected by a virus. It is essential that you fequently backup all of your important data, ie photos, videos, music, documents. There is a radio broadcaster named Leo Laporte that I listen to almost daily that says if you don’t have two backups of something, then you really have no backups. Actually it is his friend Alex Lindsay that says this, but he quotes his friend every once in a while. Anyways it is good to have a local backup, like a hard drive or burning CDs or DVDs. But an even better backup solution is cloud backup.

The term Cloud Backup is referring to uploading your data to a site like Carbonite, Mozy, or S3. I would actually like to talk about the last one Amazon’s S3 service. All three of them do the same thing, which allows you to backup your information somewhere other than your home. Offsite backup is important because what if by chance your house were to burn down. Perhaps a flood washes away all of your possessions. This is why the saying have two backups if you really want to have it is true.

Well I’ve been using Amazon’s S3 service for almost a week now and I am completely loving it. You pay a one time fee of 20 dollars USD and you can have as many computers as you would like backup to this service. The amount of space is ulitmately unlimited, the only thing is you pay about 10 cent a gigabyte to store the data. Thats actually very impressive. So my Macbook contains about 25 gigabytes of personal files and I am spending about $2.50 to gaurantee my data is safe. Little fees come up here and there but I think it is safe to say that the first month of backing up all of your info might cost you 10-15 dollars USD and then after that it probably won’t cost to much.

One reason why I went with Amazon is because I like the pay as you go model. It’s convenient and you don’t need to put down any large sum of money upfront. Another reason that is good enough for me is that it is maintain by Amazon. Well I love Amazon and I shop on their site often. The final reason I went with Amazon’s S3 service over Carbonite or Mozy is that it’s cross platform and I don’t mean just Mac and Windows. Amazon’s S3 is Mac, Linux, and Windows compatible. Now I don’t operate too much in Linux but I do have a mixed environment of one Macbook and a soon to be HP Slimline desktop. So this will come in handy when I am trying to back up all of my information in one location. I do dabble a little bit in Linux, so at least I have the option if I need it.

Well thats my little synopsis on Amazon’s  S3 service and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. You can find more information at Later

~ by branhow on August 26, 2008.

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  1. you can also use gmail + backup to email as a $0 solution for backup


  2. Thank you


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