RF Chips?!

I’ve been thinking lately about how we use credit cards, gift cards, and ID cards in the US. It seems to me that every way to enter in the information from these cards are to swip them. Well hasn’t anyone ever noticed that when a credit card gets swiped a lot and pulled out from the wallet frequently it gets worn quite easily? This makes me wonder how come we haven’t adopted RF chips inside our ID cards, Credit cards etc. When I was in China and Hong Kong we had to get an Octopus Card or a Token to ride the subway in China. Anyways the distinct feature with this Octopus Card or Token was that they had RF chips inside them. This allow me to scan my card by just touching a little plate and it would deduct the amount from my account. The same would go for this Token I used in China. Since the Octopus Card was RF I didn’t even need to take it out of my wallet. I could literally place my wallet to the plate and it would scan my card. So what I did was I got a little Octopus Card holder with a drink I bought and I just kept it inside that, and then inside my wallet. This was very convenient and my card stayed in great shape. The Token on the other hand I had to take out of my pocket but that was because it was a coin I had to put to the plate. How come we haven’t adopted this technology to our culture? The only thing I’ve seen similar to this is the paypass readers and I’ve only seen a few of them since it’s launch. I don’t know, what do you all think about this techonology’s future? Is it something you’d like to see or does it not matter to you?

~ by branhow on August 31, 2008.

One Response to “RF Chips?!”

  1. you know that makes a lot of since. why havent we adopted rf chips? i’ve seen some of the scan things at like mcdonalds and stuff but i think thats only with the upper end visa’a.


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