C1- My Gate to Toronto-Hong Kong

So this is the gate that has taken me to Toronto, Ontario for my 13.5 hour layover… I’m only here in Canada for a little while and then I board my airplane to Hong Kong! I was lucky enough to come to Canada on Canada Day! What a coincidence! Anyways I flew with Air Canada and that is possibly why I had a layover in Toronto. Everyone has been extremely nice, except the custom’s agent. She frustrated me a little bit. Also to my surprise a lot of people speak French here in Toronto. I figured Ontario was a mostly English speaking Canadian province. I knew British Columbia spoke French and what not. Anyways I wish I could of stayed a little longer to explore, but my journey is for Hong Kong! Anyways I’ll write another blog post once I get in Hong Kong. It’s getting kind of late and I have to be at the Toronto Airport at 8am eastern standard time. Anyways later!

~ by branhow on July 1, 2009.

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