Bringing Back the 80s

Kenwood KA-501

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Recently a really good friend of mine gave me this amazing stereo system. His wife was complaining about it just taking up a lot of space. This is a Kenwood Amp (KA-501) and a Radio Receiver (KT-815). He even decided to give me the beautiful Kenwood case that was holding the equipment. My friend told me that the radio receiver was broken and that it was in need of repair. Well it turns out that it was the amp that needed repair and not the tuner. Thankfully I was able to clean out the amp and I replaced the fuses. I also prayed a lot! A LOT! lol I plugged it all up and it works! This really is a beautiful piece of equipment and I have read a lot of good reviews online about it. The system also had a matching turn table but my friend was wanting to keep it. I was a little disappointed but still very grateful he gave me the rest of the system. The system has a beautiful brushed aluminum front panel and it is very solid. My friend told me he bought this stereo system back in 1980 while he was stationed in Japan. He bought the system for $500, which was a lot of money back in 1980 (in fact it still is a lot of money :P). Anyways I am in search for some speakers because that is another thing he did not want to depart with. Which is really okay. I am looking for floor speakers that are a light brown because I want them to match the cabinet the system is in. The second thing I am looking for is a really nice antenna for my receiver. And lastly I am looking for an excellent CD player for it. I would like the CD player to have the same kind of brushed metal front panel but it is not necessary I guess. Any recommendations? Oh and I am a college student with a tight budget! 😛 lol Thanks everyone and I am looking forward to hearing all of your recommendations! I am really excited about this system!

~ by branhow on March 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “Bringing Back the 80s”

  1. i have the speakers just let me know when you wanna look at them…. also i wish you told me you were looking for an older cd player. i just got rid of my uncles old unit from the early 90’s so is would have been the right size and it was brushed aluminum. now i feel bad about getting rid of it


  2. I bought an Alesis SR-16 great Drum Machine , you should try it out!! YeaH!


  3. That looks like a great unit! Very refined and simple. It really looks like something that would be made today or a couple years ago, it’s very nicely styled. Any idea how much power this little baby puts out?


  4. it really is beautiful aint it?! lol well the amp I was told is a 60 watt but then I have two floor speakers that are 200 watt apiece. 🙂 They sound absolutely marvelous!


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