My Pet Goldfish!

Hi everyone! I would like to share with you all a short little funny movie about my goldfish. 🙂 I have had them for about two months now and I love them. 😛 Haha So the black Morehead is named Hiei, which is Japanese for Flying Shadow. Now the calico Ryukin is Dan Tat, which is Cantonese for Egg Tart! 😛 They are doing really well and I have been feeding them goldfish flakes and veggies! Goldfish are mostly herbivores, so choosing live plants was somewhat difficult. I had to choose from a mixture of some that my goldfish could eat and a lot of them that they do not eat. I read somewhere that goldfish actually get really big, 6-7 inches long. Too be honest I really want to buy one more, either a Ranchu or a Lionhead. So I have been hunting around my town for one of these two fish. But I have not seen any Ranchu but I have seen a couple of Lionheads. It would seem that Lionheads and Ranchus are difficult to find in Fayetteville. Anyways enjoy the short little video! 😛

~ by branhow on May 23, 2010.

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