Film?! Do They Still Even Make Film?

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I have been recently interested in film! And YES! I do have a digital camera, but the concept of film is pretty interesting to me. I hope that this may be an interesting new hobby for me. Sometime in the future I would even hope to learn how to develop the film. Anyways so I managed to find a really nice lady on Craigslist that sold me three lens and an old Pentax K1000 along with another Pentax camera (that does not interest me :P). One positive thing about getting into film now is that I managed to buy these for $40. Now the only problem is that I heard some people telling me that Kodak is going to start fading production of film in the near future. Hopefully this will be a long lasting hobby and not just a temporary one! But once I get the film developed I will try and post them! Anyways let me know what you all think about my new found hobby! FILM! lol

~ by branhow on July 4, 2010.

One Response to “Film?! Do They Still Even Make Film?”

  1. try using double exposures, i give some neat images


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