It's Time For Some KTV!

So while I was touring China during the end of July through the beginning of August, I had the ability to go to my first KTV! I have always wanted to go inside one, but my friends in Hong Kong told me to be careful about going to them. Sometimes KTV bars are just places where you can get some loose women. 😦 Well needless to say that is not really what I wanted, so I never went. Anyways, I had some friends up around Dandong (丹东) that wanted to take my friends and I to a KTV bar! The experience is totally different in Asia than what you might experience here in the United States. I have never been to one in the United States, but I have seen a lot of movies of Karaoke bars here in the US. Instead of going into a big room full of strangers, in Asia you are in a small room with only friends. If you want to explore the KTV bars I encourage you to do so! The only thing I would recommend is to get a big group! Particularly because it is just better with more people (fun wise) and it will be less likely you will be approached by some ladies of the night.

So this fun little video is of the friends that invited us to the KTV bar. We just had a really great time and I have a lot more video clips, so perhaps I will be able to post them later. Not only that, but I have a great video of a friend of mine dancing really crazily. Except he really does not want me to post the video. 😦 I was really disappointed, but he took my memory card while I was not looking. So I told him I would not post the video if he gave me back my memory card. Anyways I wish this KTV craze would come over to the US. But this will definitely not be the last time I go to one.

~ by branhow on August 28, 2010.

One Response to “It's Time For Some KTV!”

  1. i love aladin. and i think it would be fun, but how do they soundproof those rooms


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