The Steve and Harry Podcast

大家好 Da ga ho! I have not been to Hong Kong in almost two years now. I am actually really beginning to feel a little homesick when I think of Hong Kong. I have really adopted it as my second home I think. So until I move to HK in hopefully January 2012, I am trying to remain active in learning Cantonese and with keeping up with whats going on in HK. Some of my friends in HK actually mock me for listening to the RTHK, but I enjoy it. The RTHK is a news broadcaster in Hong Kong, who also has an English broadcast.

So the RTHK actually sponsors a pretty funny podcast called the Steve and Harry Podcast. This podcast is extremely funny and generally talks about the pop culture of Hong Kong or stories that the major news will not pick up. If any of you are familiar with the Bob and Sheri Show here in the United States, it kind of has the same flavor. The talk show hosts just really enjoy focusing on funny stories circulating around Hong Kong.

Unfortunately the podcast is apparently not on a set schedule, because it sometimes will be weeks to a month at a time before iTunes picks up another show. Judging from the show, I think Steve and Harry actually have a full time job outside the radio studio at RTHK and they only do the show part time. But this is definitely a good show to keep in your podcatcher for a rainy day. I am providing a link at the end of this article for those who are interested in listening to the show, until next time! 再見 Joi gin!

~ by branhow on March 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Steve and Harry Podcast”

  1. pretty funny


  2. I uploaded all the episodes of your show to my ipod..I listen to them while I am walking .. I am impressed and just love it ..


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