German Chocolates!!

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My family and I traveled to Wilmington this past Saturday just to get away from Fayetteville for a while. Anyways we had a great time just wasting time and having fun. As we were fiddling around we stumbled across a World Market, this was the first time I had ever seen a World Market. I thought this was a really cool store and I really liked some Thai bedroom furniture that was inside. But judging from the price I figured I could buy it cheaper in Thailand and ship it to my future home in Hong Kong than buying it in there! LoL Anyways I found some German chocolate inside World Market and this stuff was really good. If any of you get the chance to try it, I would highly recommend this chocolate. It is called Kinder Riegel. This chocolate is a little rich, but it comes in small bars so I think its good!

~ by branhow on July 5, 2011.

One Response to “German Chocolates!!”

  1. DUDE THOSE ARE MY FAVORITES!!!!! although i havent had any since my cousin moved to the states. FYI kinder means child, which is also where we get kindergarden-lol, kid garden


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