Wearable Technology

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This is the one I purchased

Today I was surfing the web looking for some new Cantonese/Mandarin CDs on a site that I often visit. As I was looking through the new release section, my eyes caught hold of an ad on their page. Yesasia.com is one of the few places within North America that are currently selling these pretty cool USB bracelets. We have been hearing this new term “wearable technology” for the past year or so and we are just now beginning to see different examples of what they actually mean. Another example of this term would be how the iPod Nano can be made into a wristwatch with a after market accessory.

Hosted by Picasa Web Albums

Wearable Technology

Technology has always been a hug interest of mine and even though I am not as big a geek as I once was, I still appreciate unique things. Most of my gadgets are not microUSB compatible, but once I saw the iPod convertor, I was sold. Mohzy is apparently a Canadian company but as of now, they are not offering this accessory in North America. If you are interested in buying one I highly recommend you head over to YesAsia for now. Hopefully within the next few months, Mohzy will begin offering shipment inside the US. The convergence is happening and I am excited to see how technology is being incorporated in fashion. This will be the second piece of wearable technology I own, the first being a wristwatch I purchased in Hong Kong that has a wireless octopus card (HK Debit Card) built in, though I cannot use that functionality here in the USA. Anyways I thought this was cool and I wanted to share this cool microUSB bracelet with you my readers. (^.^)v

Mohzy’s Website

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