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Comics have always been a huge interest of mine, ever since I was little. I can remember my dad always telling me that I should stop spending all my time on cartoons and start watching something with some sustenance. Well even though I do not watch cartoons or read comics as much as I once did, I still really appreciate them. It amazes me at the detail that people can depict throughout their art. The most recent cartoon movie that I had enjoyed is Summer Wars and I occasionally watch The Regular Show and The Adventures of Gumball. But as I was surfing through the internet after purchasing a guidebook on Comics from Hong Kong, I stumbled across an archive of comics from Hong Kong called “Lily Wong”. These comics were intended for the expats living throughout China. The comics illustrate the biases the expats had toward the Chinese and the many stereotypes that foreigners have had about the Chinese. I am not advocating racism here, but in order for us to better understand Chinese society and how they view Westerners, I believe it is important for us to understand the mindsets of the past. Cartoons/ comics are a great source of history that show us how the concepts that we constructed affected the choices of the past and possibly how these ideas affect us in the present. So I would like to encourage you all to check out the World of Lily Wong.

Lily Wong Archives
Wikipedia Article

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