Apple Store in Shanghai

I actually took this video for a particular friend of mine who considers Steve Jobs to be god-like lol! So I hope he enjoys this video! Apparently someone told me this Apple Store in Shanghai is one of the largest in the world! I have been using Macs since 2001 when I bought my first iMac G4 and I am impressed at how Apple is gaining in popularity overseas. When I first traveled to Hong Kong back in 2008, Macs were not the least bit popular in Hong Kong. The Apple stores have gained so much popularity in the Mainland, I saw several stores that posed as official Apple stores. I wish I had taken some pictures of these stores. I even saw one store that said “Premium Reseller” as opposed to “Authorized Reseller”. I would be kind of skeptical to buy from one of the counterfeit Apple stores. It might be a Windows computer in a Mac shell! The Chinese are pretty clever with fakes!

~ by branhow on August 4, 2012.

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