Iris Chang

The Rape of Nanking- Audio Book

Being a Chinese minor at my university, Chinese culture, language and history really fascinate me. In fact, if I could change my major and start all over, I probably would change it to East Asian Studies. While I was in Shanghai this past June-July, I discovered a new movie called “The Flowers of War”. Apparently this movie was based on some of the writings of a female Chinese author named Iris Chang. The movie was extremely touching and I believe it portrays an accurate depiction of the Japanese occupation of Nanking, China. After watching the movie a couple of times, I decided that I wanted to hear a more historical definitive account. I searched Amazon for the Rape of Nanking, written by Iris Chang. Unfortunately I am currently reading two books and I did not think it would be wise to begin another book. So I decided to go the audio book route. I have breezed through the first couple chapters and it is definitely a must read. The author has decided to incorporate three perspectives into her work, the Japanese perspective, the Chinese etc. I will write another post once I have completed the book, but for now I still recommend this book. Enjoy!

~ by branhow on October 15, 2012.

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