Grizzly Bear

Every year I change up my iTunes playlists and get rid of music that I may not fancy anymore, along with purchasing some new songs for the new year. The first week of the new year I always listen for new songs and compare the prices or deals on iTunes and the Amazon MP3 store. That being said, I also enjoy listening to The Q, which is a broadcast on CBC Radio. Jian Ghomeshi (the host) typically does this Top 20 Albums of the year and I listen attentively because a lot of my early New Year downloads come from this special programming. Jian Ghomeshi recently recommended a group called Grizzly Bear that comes out of Brooklyn New York. Grizzly Bear is a rock band that brings an old flair to a modern era. I have been listening to their stuff on Spotify and this is definitely a group I would recommend. My favorite song by Grizzly Bear is Yet Again. The live version is somewhat different from the download, but it is still good none the less.

On a different note, a lot of stuff has been happening lately. I have so much I want to blog about, so what I am going to do, is write the titles for all of the things I want to write about, and release them throughout the week. Hope you enjoy the music recommendation and if there is any song in particular that you found in the New Year, please leave a comment and share what it is! I love sharing music and learning about news bands!

~ by branhow on January 21, 2013.

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