September the International Month!

I have been meaning to blog about these events in separate entries, but since they started piling up, I figured incorporating them into one post would be only reasonable. At least for Cumberland County, September is the month for celebrating cultural diversity in the area. The first event that I photographed was from the Greek Festival. I took some videos of them dancing, but I am not sure what happened to them. The dancing videos were pretty cool.

Hellenistic Festival- Traditional Greek Dance

Traditional Greek Dance #2

Tour of the local Greek Orthodox Church

Overview of the Greek Church’s Sanctuary

The next event photographed is the International Folk Festival. Unfortunately I was working and missed most of the festival, but thankfully I was able to attend for the ending ceremonies. Out of the three events being represented in this blog post, the International Folk Festival is the largest.

International Folk Festival 2013- Traditional Hawaiian Dance

Panamanian Traditional Celebratory Dress

Traditional Panamanian Dance

Thai Buddhist Monk Dress

Irish Kilts Go Rock n Roll

Traditional Filipino Dance

Okinawan Group

Native American Dance

These girls told me their outfits were called Jolies. This is a contemporary Indian outfit.

The last event in today’s post is of the 3rd Annual International Film Festival hosted by a local non-profit I am privilege to be a part of. The name of the non-profit is Faces in the Community. We help spread cultural awareness in the surrounding area by hosting or advocating for specific programs in Cumberland County. Faces also is responsible for awarding a few scholarships to graduating seniors at the high school level. I am very proud to be a member of the board and it is a privileged to serve with the head director, Dr. Shirish Devasthali.

Opening Ceremony at the 3rd Annual International Film Festival hosted by Faces in the Community

We watched this film for this year’s film festival.

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