HD-DVD is dead!

NHK which is a major news-casting system in Japan, has released information that the company “Toshiba” is halting its production of HD-DVD players. This is the final stake in the heart of HD-DVD. Blu-ray will finally become the dominant high-def format. Paramount and Universal are coming out of their exclusive contracts with HD-DVD and will be switching to Blu-ray.With Blu-ray actually winning is this a good thing? Well with Blu-ray we can fit a lot more information onto the disc, up to 50 gigs! The only problem is we might run into a problem with older Blu-ray players not having the ability to play newer movies due to copy protection….  In order to play the newer movies we would be required to either plug our Blu-ray players into our internet and download a firmware update or download the update on our computer and burn it into a disc. Either way this seems to be a major pain and I wonder if a lot of people will be confused why their movies are not playing. I mean how many people will think, “Hey my movie is not playing because of copy protection”.This information can be found from the following sources…

Leo Laporte’s TWIT network
, http://www.nhk.or.jp/english/,

~ by branhow on February 25, 2008.

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