Liar Game

wow, you know I’ve found probably the best television show I have ever seen. It has truly blown my mind with the creativity and especially with the way the show was shot. It is a Japanese drama called “Liar Game”. It is offered on the web via various websites but if you would like to download it check out After you watch this drama, if your into thrillers and suspense and don’t mind reading subtitles I gaurantee this is a must have for your DVD collection. I watched half on the web and the other on my Apple TV. I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ll definitely be purchasing this series on Amazon! The show is 11 episodes long but the final episode is 3 hrs long.
Ok so the show consists of an organization luring people in to play this “Liar Game”. Once you’ve joined there is no way out unless you win. If you loose you owe the organization an outrageous debt. The leaders of this organization are trying to discover the world’s best liars. But Ms. Kanzaki Nao seems to burst their bubble. This girl is “too stupidly honest for her own good”. Ms. Nao is so honest and pure that she easily falls for anything from anyone. Well after she is conned into joining this game she needs the help from an expert swindler to win debt free. **That’s all I’m going to tell you!!!** lol this is a must see

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~ by branhow on March 17, 2008.

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