Leopard Issues :(

Well I hate to say but I switched back to Mac OS X Tiger yesterday. I’ve been working on some videos for some clients and I could not get the rendering process to work properly on Leopard. It was dropping frames left and right. Plus I still have several apps that will not run under Leopard. 😦 I love some of the features but then there are just some gay things that haven’t been working for me properly, especially programs that utilize the internet. My Apple Mail app crashes almost once a day as well as Safari. And last but not least my Google Desktop app will not run at all. It crashes during logging into my account. 😦 I love the new core programs that run under the hood because it did provide a faster rendering experience in video. I was averaging 5 hrs on an 1.5 hr video (HD mind you). Now it’s bumped down to 7.5 hrs for the same exact video file. The only difference is it didn’t drop the frame-rates! So even though it takes longer to render, at least it works. My only prayer is that Apple will step up the game on Leopard and make it a lot more useful. Until then I’m using Tiger. Oh and how is Leopard treating you all? Have you had a pleasant experience? 

~ by branhow on March 18, 2008.

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