Junior Entrance Exam?!

Hi everyone! Well tomorrow I guess I will be taking a Junior Entrance exam. I really do not understand the rational behind this exam. It is a test that covers English, writing, and math. This to me sounds just like the SAT that we had to take in order for a college to even look at our application form. But now that I am in college and I am making a GPA of 3.5+ why am I required to take this ridiculous test? Should not the grades I am making be enough proof that I am doing well in school? I was told that if I mess up on this test then I cannot enter my 3rd year in college.

Now the other thing I do not understand is I am an Education major. Which means that this summer I am required to take the Praxis exam. This test must be taken in order for my department to accept me. So if I already have to take this Praxis exam which gets me into my major, then why do we have to take this Rising Junior Exam?

Maybe someone here can tell me the answer to this. lol

~ by branhow on March 26, 2010.

One Response to “Junior Entrance Exam?!”

  1. i hate to say this but you go to FSU. so hey give you stupid tests for stupid people. not saying your stupid but just look at their demographics.


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