iMovie Blues

well first off I usually don’t write blog posts over the weekend, but this has just totally puzzled me. Sorry for the long update also, school has been a killer lol! so anyways anyone who has been using iMovie will probably know that in the older iMovie the Chapters button was in iMovie and then you could send it to iDVD. Well not anymore, in order to make chapters for your DVDs you must send it first to Garageband! Who would of ever thought of that. And I’ve been having problems with my DVDs dropping frames. I think this is because of Garageband exporting the video to iDVD. Garageband is for audio not video, so I’m praying that Apple will place this feature back into iMovie either in an update or the next version. 
you know this seems to me like Apple forgot to put this feature in iMovie and they just threw it into some other program that they weren’t finished developing yet. what do you all think? I’m including a link of how to do chapters for video within iLife 08.  

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~ by branhow on March 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “iMovie Blues”

  1. That’s the thing I don’t get about Apple. they wanted to improve things, but sometimes, it’s the people who need to improve on their patience just to enjoy the gadgets.


  2. yeah i agree im not an apple user but a lot of my friends are and they seem to be having a lot of these little and annoying problems and its been kinda turning me away from getting an apple


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