Browser Switching

I can’t begin to tell you how many different web browsers I’ve tried. But I’ve narrowed it down to two different browsers on the MAC OS X platform. Safari or Firefox. *Safari on the Windows side still seems a little clunky*. But the last several months I’ve gone through different time periods of switching back and forth between Safari and Firefox. I love the themes of Firefox and add-ons, but Safari is perfect for photos. Safari does have some plugins but no where close to the plugins Firefox has.
Ok Well as I mentioned before I am a photographer and color representation is really important to me. I mean I ain’t one of those people that color calibrates their monitors or anything. But I do want a pretty accurate picture. The Mac has something that Windows doesn’t have at all, at least to my knowledge. Color Profiles. Since this feature is built in to any OS X platform Safari takes advantage of this. Which means that Safari can render pictures with more accurate color than other browsers. The pictures may look different with other browsers. Plus I think Safari does an excellant job at rendering the pages and it loads in my experience pretty fast.

But why have I chosen to stick with Firefox? Well I miss the adds like NoScript (a must have on any platform to protect yourself), the different Ubuntu Themes I had for Firefox, and some other off the wall plug-ins. Plus recently the Mac was hacked via Safari with some sort of Trojan. It is not a wild virus, which means this hack is supposed to be under wraps. But I ain’t risking it. It seems to me Firefox has a better chance of staying more secure than some browsers because it’s OpenSource. Which means when theres a problem anyone can fix it. Also I think the fix turn around are patched quicker than Safari. This is just purely speculation though. But when I need accuracy on my photos I’ll still be using Safari! 🙂

If your on Windows I think Firefox and IE 7 is an excellant choice. NOT IE 6 or below. But IE 7 seems to be on top of the game. But I still use both on my Windows machine. YES UNFORTUNATELY I have a Windows machine lol! But it soon might be a Ubuntu machine if I can get my little WIFI USB card working with Ubuntu 🙂

~ by branhow on April 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Browser Switching”

  1. im pretty much up to date on my techno stuff as you know and i like fire fox alot but ive never heard of Ubuntu could you please elaborate on this for me


  2. Ubuntu is the opensource linux project. it’s free and a lot safer than Windows. It’s kind of an underground operating system because the majority of computer users probably would say the same thing you said. I acutally like it better than windows because it’s totally tweak-able, it’s safer, more up to date, and it’s open source. Here are some links Ubuntu HomepageWiki Entry


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