What Happened to my WIFI!!

well I’ve posted before I have a belkin wireless N router. Well it totally sucks, I think I got a real bad lemon. I no longer can connect via wireless. I have to either connect via ethernet or well thats all I can do lol! I had to buy a really long ethernet cable in order to even get online! It’s a 25 ft ethernet cable and it’s linned up for the most part along my walls. lol! having no internet really sucks but I have not had time lately to get it fixed yet. But I just wanted to give a shoutout to Belkin for hijacking my WIFI signal lol!!! I’ve tried every channel availible and I even tried disabling my hardware firewall. Except I ain’t going to be turning that off for long. I do have a Windows machine on the network you know! Anyways has anyone else had a problem with Belkin stuff? Because I also have a N USB stick and it won’t work with Linux! So I’ve been pretty disappointed with them. I probably should of stuck with Linksys. well anyways it’s late and I’ll catch everyone later!

~ by branhow on April 24, 2008.

One Response to “What Happened to my WIFI!!”

  1. i hate to say this but …
    i told you so


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