Tomorrow’s Apple Predictions!

For those that don’t know, there is going to be a big Apple announcement tomorrow! Steve Jobs was quoted last month in saying something on the lines as “we’re looking forward to the new products we will be shipping in the coming September”. That was paraphrased but Apple did state they had some interesting new products to introduce! Well all the invites that were emailed out for the announcement had a picture of a guy with his iPod. So hopefully that isn’t a hint on some newer iPods. Lets get to something different APPLE! lol but another reason for suggesting newer iPods was a leak that occured on Digg a couple of months ago. The rumor is that the Nano will be more Zune like! What are you thinking APPLE, lol no but the screen is going to have a widescreen aspect ratio, unlike its present fatty self. Also they are talking about a pretty decent price cut in all of the iPods because Apple doesn’t want this to interfer with their iPhone sells. The final thing that we all seem to be excepting is an update to iTunes! So we’ll be seeing iTunes 8.0 with some pretty interesting new features. Keep posted to tomorrow, throughout the whole day and I’ll be twittering about it tomorrow probably! lol Also if you want to see some pictures or hear Kevin Rose with the scoop yourself check out

~ by branhow on September 8, 2008.

One Response to “Tomorrow’s Apple Predictions!”

  1. yeah i hope they come out with something other that ipods.


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