I currently have a 16 gigabyte iPod Touch, a Samsung T10 and a Nokia N95 phone. All of these platforms play back MP3s and I love them all! The only problem is with my Samsung T10. The screen is not as durable as the iPod or my N95. Anyways so I really don’t need anymore MP3 players but I’ve been looking at the new Nanos that Apple released. I really want to get one! Particularly the Green one or the light Black one! I don’t even NEED ONE! lol I really like my T10 because it works with Windows Media Player 11 and I kind of prefer WMP over iTunes! SHOCK! lol maybe its just because i want to change from using iTunes because I’ve been using it since the second year of it’s release. Even though the new iTunes 8 interface is some pretty nice eye candy! The final statement I would like to make is that if my Nokia N95 could display Japanese, Korean, and Chinese fonts then that would be my MP3 player. But since it can’t I normally carry around my T10 because of the size and it does display CJK fonts.

These nanos are availible in a variety of colors! 9 to be exact. They also have an accelarometer inside them that can rotate the screen depending on how you hold your iPod Nano. Plus all of the iPods except the Shuffles support CJK fonts. The only thing I wish they would change about the iPod is the ability to use them with whatever media hub I want. Whether it be Danpod, Windows Media Player, Napster, or iTunes. I like the ability to stretch out and gain some leg room! Well now that the price is extremely reasonable I hope this article might convince some of you all to buy one! If you’ve played with one or own one drop a post! I am interested in the overall design and how the screen looks.

~ by branhow on October 11, 2008.

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  1. i love them i just wish i could afford the 16gig.


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