K-Pop Connection

hey everyone! I was browsing one of my favorite websites called KBS World News the other day and found this really interesting audio stream they do. It’s called “K-Pop Connection”. The hosts are Chris and Sarah and they seem to be entertaining. I love K-Pop and just Korean music in general so if you have a chance check out this stream. They discuss the news that affects this interesting spectrum of Korean culture as well as play some requested K-Pop. The show only lasts for an half hour but it is broadcasted several times throughout the day. The one that I try to listen to is at 9:30am EST. Even though the content is great there is a draw back to listening to their show. I recently installed Ubuntu (a distro on Linux) on the only PC that I own. Well this audio stream contains DRM and is only playable on Windows. So I had to take an old XP Pro disk and install Windows in a Virtual environment. I think this is an extreme downside because the web is not bias against what kind of computer you own or where you are located. I think they should either offer an MP3 download of the show or stream their content in a format that is accessible by any computer. I mean the point of placing it on the web is for people to access it right? But anyways I really enjoy the show and I hope that you all will also! Check out Sarah’s blog at http://kpopsarah.blogspot.com/ and then you can actually listen to the show at http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/entertainment/enter_bbs_list.htm. Sarah doesn’t update her blog daily but you can check it out weekly. Anyways as Chris and Sarah say “Anyoung”!

~ by branhow on November 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “K-Pop Connection”

  1. woah…….!!


  2. http://www.flippish.com/kpopd-philippines/2009/11/24/


  3. great post — very inspiring


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