Physic Deck

Ok so my friend Steph has gotten me back into playing the Pokemon trading card game. lol! Yes it sounds lame but it’s actually pretty fun and I really like the fellowship and the challenge. It’s actually more popular than I figured. Here in Fayetteville at BAM (Books A Million) on Saturdays there is a tournament that goes on and usually about 30+ people show up. Anyways I thought it would be an interesting post if I posted my deck online. To see kind of an idea of how to build a deck, now I also would like to thank Stephanie for assisting me with building this deck. She really helped me a lot in thinking up strategies. So ok I hope this helps you all!

Energy Cards-
10- Physic Energy Cards, 4- Multi. Energy Cards, 1- Warp Energy, 1- Cyclone Energy, and 1- Call Energy.

Stadium Cards-
3- Crystal Beach and 1- Moonlight Stadium

Supporter Cards-
1- Mom’s Kindness, 2- Celio’s Network, 1- Marley’s Request, 2- Copycat, 4- Roseanne’s Research, 1- Scott, 2- Steven’s Advice

Trainer Cards-
3- Poke Healer, 1- Dusk Ball- 1 Premier Ball

Pokemon Cards-
1- Uxie, 1- Misdreavus, 2- Bronzor, 2- Bronzong, 2-Duskull, 2-Dusclops, 2-Dusknoir, 1 Lv X Dusknoir, 3- Gastly, 3-Haunter, 2 Gengar.

So when building a deck you need 60 cards. It is best to either stick with one type of pokemon or two at max. In my first deck I chose to deal with all Physic type Pokemon. Also in building your deck it is at your best interest to try and level out the three main types of cards. 20 energy, 20 pokemon, and 20 supportor/trainer/stadium cards. I placed a lot of supporter cards in my deck that will help me find Basic pokemon because my deck it sort of limited in that sense. I don’t expect anyone to copy my deck card for card but to get some ideas or even suggest cards to be added or taken out! Thanks a bunch everyone and I hope you’ve enjoyed this entry! God bless : )

~ by branhow on January 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Physic Deck”

  1. wow pokemon… i havnt played that in years


  2. I’ve been a massive fan of pokemon since I firstcame across it. Of course, i have played all of the games and my top favorite pokemon is darkrai. He’s also one of the trickiest pokemon to collect. So Ive set upa siteto show people how to capturedarkrai in the pokemon games.


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