Samsung T10

Ok so I know everyone has a bloody iPod. Well ya! Including me but I also have my Samsung T10 MP3 Player. I will say it’s no iPod but I feel as though this is a very exceptional MP3 Player. Allow me to elaborate on my reasons.

Oh by the way. If you are planning on buying this MP3 Player you better hurry because I believe they are trying to fade it out. This could be a good thing or bad thing considering your look on things. Since they are trying to fade it out you can find it on Amazon for $80.

So some of the reasons why I really love my T10. First off it has a bluetooth module inside this device which means I can use my stereo bluetooth headset with it. This also means that I can pair it with other devices such as my phone and transfer files between my two devices. This is pretty handy to keep both of your devices synced or if you want to give a friend a song to listen to.

Another reason I like it is it shows up on my computer as an MTP device. This pretty much means that I don’t need to use the lousy software that came with the MP3 player. The Samsung software is absolutely terrible and I recommend not using it. Windows Media Player does a fine job of syncing both the audio and video to the T10.

Another thing that I like about transfering files to the T10 is that I can go into My Computer and see the T10 as a USB Removable Storage Device. Meaning I can organize the T10 myself in any fashion and manually delete files or add files to it.

The T10 also comes with an FM Radio. This is another feature that the iPods do not believe in. It all comes down to what Steve Jobs thinks is best for us all and he does not think we need a radio. The T10’s radio signal is very nice and it works from all around the world. It has a setting that will allow you to fine tune it for various other nations. It worked great when I was in Hong Kong and mainland China. I was able to listen to local talk radio 🙂

One of the last features I would like to share is the fact it supports multi-lingual songs. If you notice some MP3 Players or Mobile Phones do not have the fonts or Unicode in order to display foreign languages. For example my N95 only displays English, Spanish, or Portuguese metadata in the songs. To be more specific most Mobiles or MP3 Players can only display ASCII type languages, at least if you bought them in the U.S.A or any Western nation. Any Eastern languages only display as boxes. So like the iPod you can have foreign language songs and you are not required to translate them into English.

Well of course with all technological devices there are some cons. One that I already mentioned was the terrible software that they ship with it. But the work around is using Windows Media Player or manually transferring files via the Windows Explorer.

Since this is a MTP device there are some tricks you need to know in order to get it to work on Linux machines or Mac machines, but thanks to Google that was a very easy fix. Rhythmbox on Linux and XNJB for Macs. These are the specific software that utilise the Windows technology in order to speak to the T10. *Don’t worry I’ve tried both software and they work great.*

The most disappointing thing about the T10 is it’s battery life. Samsung claims 16 hours but it is more like 6-8 hours. The other negatives all had a work around except this battery issue. So this is probably the only major negative I have against the device. Well check out the T10 and I still love mine. 😛

~ by branhow on February 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Samsung T10”

  1. if you ever decide to get rid of your t10 let me know.cause im to cheap to afford $80.


  2. Not too crazy about the ipods…I use a Camnex MP3 player I bought from Best Buy for less than $50 and it works wonders. Lots of space to hold all my songs, easy design to use, small, but rugged (I’ve dropped it about a 100 times and it’s still fine…i know friends who’ve dropped an ipod only to have it smash to pieces).


  3. thanks for selling it to me. im lovin it, esp. the bluetooth


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