Airport Experiences

Airport Experiences

Well as you all know I have finally reached my destination, which is Hong Kong! I am have been planning this trip for well over seven months. Anyways I’d like to share briefly my experience I encountered in the different airports that I traveled in to reach my destination. Well I left out of Raleigh North Carolina (RDU Airport) and I ended up getting there three hours before my plane left… Let’s just say that it was a very boring wait. I actually wish I had waited a little longer, because I could of spent the extra time with my family before leaving. But I have only been on an airplane twice in my life (this being the second time) and I did not know what to expect. Last year I also went to Hong Kong, but I traveled over to HK with a group. This time I was traveling over to Hong Kong by myself and then meeting a group of friends over there.

So overall it was extremely easy to find my different gates and checkpoints. I was a little nervous once I arrived in the Canadian airport. I did not stop at the International Toronto Airport last year, so I was not quite sure as of where to go at some times. But thankfully the majority of the Canadians that I met were very pleasant and very helpful. I did notice a pretty diverse culture in the airport and throughout my hotel. Oh just a word of advance, do not travel to Canada on Canada Day unless you want to be shedding out some extra dough… I did not do a lot because everything was a little expensive, I guess because of the tourists.

The funny thing is that Hong Kong is celebrating their return to China after being colonized by the Brits for 100 years on the 3rd I believe. So I will be able to experience Canada Day and Hong Kong return to China. I only hate that I will be missing the 4th of July. I really enjoy watching the fireworks and celebrating my nation’s heritage.

Anyways thats all for now, I’m a little tired and there is not much to report on for the time being. Especially since I just arrived here in Hong Kong and I need to get some necessities.  Plus I need to grab a bite to eat! 😛 Until later guys, zaijian!

~ by branhow on July 3, 2009.

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