Crossing Into China

So I’ve been here in Hong Kong for almost a week! I am really excited, I just wish that it would go by a lot slower… I can’t believe it’s going by fast. I have met a lot of new people and seen a lot of my old friends here! But this blog entry is about crossing the Hong Kong Border into China. So as some of you may know I speak a little bit of Mandarin (Putonhua). And the H1N1 is “a concern” over here in China. Crossing into the country has actually become a huge amount of trouble. There are tons of forms to fill out and it is kind of annoying. But anyways as I hand over my documents to one of the border agents, they notice my temperature was over by 1 degree! lol

Well over here in Hong Kong/ Shenzhen, the temperature and weather are a lot different compared to North Carolina which is where I am from. So of course my temp is going to be a little higher due to the humidity. Especially since they scan your forehead.

So anyways they place me in quarantine! And I was there for almost half an hour… So once they take my temperature a different way, under my arm, they say in Chinese that my temperature was 36 degrees C. Well that is a normal temperature. A police officer came over and told me that my temperature was greater than 37 degrees and that I needed to wait a little longer and have my temperature retaken. Well this is when I said, 他说三十六。Which is you said 36 degrees. The officer looked a little surprised and started to repeat himself in English like he didn’t know what I was talking about. He quickly went back to his post and within five minutes they gave me back my passport and I was out of quarantine. I didn’t mind being in quarantine, I know they are supposedly taking precautions. I just thought it was funny how they tried to tell me something different and I was able to repeat to them what they said.

Well I will be uploading some more pictures soon! Hope everyone is doing great  back home and until tomorrow! 🙂

~ by branhow on July 8, 2009.

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