My So Far Favorite iPhone Apps!

I do not believe I have officially announced this on my blog, I know I have mentioned it on Twitter. As of umm I think it was last month I sold my iPod Touch and used the money I received for that to purchase an iPhone 3G! I wanted to purchase it used so I did not have to sign my soul over to AT&T for two years. Anyways I unlocked my iPhone 3G and I am now using it with T-Mobile. I probably will do a blog entry on that in the future. Anyways I have been testing and exploring different applications for the iPhone! Here are some of my favorite apps that I found. This is probably one of the most used apps on my iPhone. is a web-based way to manage all of your financial accounts from one place. Credit cards, saving accounts, checking accounts, loans, whatever you have, you can monitor it from this one application. Mint even added some security to the app, requiring you enter in a pin to access your records. Of course this is after you enter in your email and password. This app is FREE.

iheartradio- I absolutely love this application! This is a way to stream thousands of radio stations from around the US straight from your iPhone. If I was a customer with AT&T I could even use this application over HSDP. I currently have to use WIFI. Every weekend I am able to turn in to KFI AM 640 located in California. This app is also FREE.

Skype- as most of you probably know, Skype is an excellent way of making cheap IP phone calls. This is really the reason I sold my iPod Touch and bought the iPhone. I travel overseas for missions work almost every summer and this is an excellent way to make cheap phone calls back to the States wherever I have access to WIFI. I can even purchase a Skype-In number, which means I can choose a local number and my family or friends can call me on this local number and not get charged for international phone calls.This app is FREE but to call phone lines or the SkypeIn feature etc does require you to purchase these features.

Qingwen- is a Chinese dictionary! Most of you that know me, know I am minoring in Mandarin Chinese. This application is truly worth buying! If I have a Chinese character and I have no idea how to pronounce it or the pinyin for it, I can write the character using my finger and the dictionary will look up the word! I saw dictionaries in China and Hong Kong that had this feature over the summer, but this saved me literally almost $300 USD and I can carry it around with me anywhere. The single purpose electronic dictionaries I saw in Hong Kong were $200+ USD. As I mentioned before, this app is not free. But if you are serious about your Chinese, it is worth the price. This app is $4.99.

Rolando- is a game for the iPhone! It kind of reminds me of Katamari and I am a huge fan of Katamari. By the way, I am not a big fan of games on the iPhone, but I have had fun wasting a few moments waiting in line or waiting in the doctor’s office with this game. The object is to move your iPhone around to roll these creatures to safety. This game is $2.99, but they do have a lite version to try the demo. Which is FREE

Ocarina- is a really ingenious app! It is very simple, but it is a great app to show off your iPhone to your friends. This particular app turns your iPhone into an ocarina! Simple blow into the mic receiver and tap the buttons on the screen. It is kind of fun, but it’s definitely something you probably will not play with much. It is only $0.99 cent.

CBC Radio- is of course programming from the CBC in Canada. I just found it last night and I am absolutely loving it. Oh and for those of you who are do not know what the CBC is, it is pretty much like NPR but for Canada. You can choose between what city or province in Canada and listen to their local programming. I am a big fan of NPR, but I also love listening to the CBC programming (it’s kind of funny, because I consider myself a Conservative and I love NPR).

Well these are some of the apps that I have found that I am loving with my iPhone. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please leave a comment! I am looking forward to hearing some recommendations! Thanks for reading.

~ by branhow on October 9, 2009.

One Response to “My So Far Favorite iPhone Apps!”

  1. yeah i have been having fun messing around with some apps on the ipod touch (thanks for selling it to me)
    one of my fav ones is “internet radio box” only 99cents
    i listen to a lot of i radio mostly j/k/c pop and ocasionaly some anime and you can pick up most any station on the web. its really nice.


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