The ATV Lives On!

ATVThe Apple TV has been one of my favorite devices for a while now. Even though the fact that it doesn’t support a variety of video formats does bother me. Anyways lately it would seem Apple is paying less attention to their little hobby and I was quite worried that Apple would discontinue the product. Well today Apple proved me wrong today. Thankfully they released a brand new long awaited update. Apple tv was updated to 3.0 today, I’m not sure if the update was released today or earlier this week. It would seem that Apple is not yet finished with the Apple TV.
This update actually really enhanced the interface of the Apple TV. I was really impressed with the UI and I believe they have made the interface a little more user friendly. Maybe it even fixed some of the reliabilty issues I was having with the ATV connecting to the iTunes store. I have noticed it seems more consistant. Anyways I thought I would pass the news along! So if you have an ATV I recommend updating it! Well anyways enjoy!

~ by branhow on October 31, 2009.

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