Bye Bye iPhone 3G

Yes you read this title correctly! I have successfully ditched my iPhone 3G. Apple has shown me just how important open software really is. This is why I switched to the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1). Well first off your probably thinking I am crazy for switching from an Apple iPhone. While the Android Market is still lacking in variety I feel as though there is a lot of promise. Allow me to point out some reasons why I switched from the iPhone 3G.

Reason 1: The iPhone is locked to AT&T. Now remember I jailbroke my iPhone 3G and was using the recent update by geohot. The iPhone 3G runs great on T-Mobile. So why would I be complaining about it being locked? Well I have never seen a GSM mobile phone that you could not obtain an unlocked code for and use it on any other GSM carrier (provided it was a tri-band or quad-band phone). I feel as though since I bought the phone I should be able to do with it as I please. It is my property, not AT&T’s or Apple’s iPhone. I have jailbroken iPod Touches in the past so I knew what I was up against, but it really just pisses me off at how Apple tries to prevent people from jailbreaking and unlocking. It really is just becoming a pain. AT&T and Apple say thats just how it is, well I have been to countries to offer the iPhone 3G and 3GS completely unlocked and you can use them on any GSM carrier in the world. So nice try AT&T and Apple. (Hong Kong is one of them)

Reason 2: Apple controls the App Store like a full fledge dictatorship. Why is this important? Well one example would be the fact that Apple will not allow Adobe to release their Flash player for the iPhone. They have a working program, but Apple will not approve it. While Adobe Flash is releasing their software across multiple smart phones in the first half of 2010. The point is there is no open development with the Apple SDK. A developer can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and succesfully develop an app ready for release, but Apple could still choose not to allow it to have access to the App Store. Ultimately I think that the open development in the Android Market will surpass the iTunes App Store.

Reason 3: The last and most important reason I left the iPhone is merely a political statement. I recently have been more and more supportive of open source software. Even though the Android operating system is not completely open source, most of it is. All of the Google apps are of course closed source. I am also hoping that others will make this stand against Apple. We need to send Apple a message so maybe they will reconsider their agenda and the rights that we have as consumers.

Well tomorrow I will do another post that will list all of the positives with the T-Mobile G1 and the Android OS.

~ by branhow on December 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Bye Bye iPhone 3G”

  1. And those are most of the reasons I don’t want an iPhone to begin with


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