Time Is Money

So I am not in Hong Kong anymore, but I am planning on going back again this summer! Well since I am planning on getting back to Hong Kong this summer I am more ahead of the game this year. One example is last year when I arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport I was kind of at a lost of what to do next! lol My friend had forgot to tell me that he could not meet with me because of a business meeting he had. Anyways I had to give him a call and figure out which bus ticket to buy. Thankfully since Hong Kong was a British colony a lot of the signs are written in both English and Traditional Chinese. Anyways this picture of the watch is an Octopus Watch. This watch has a little chip inside of it that allows me to store a monetary credit on it. This can be used on any transportation in Hong Kong, except cabs. So if your traveling the MTR, the Star Ferry, or a bus you will have no problem using an Octopus watch.

The Octopus watch is not the only way to pay for your transportation fee, the most common way is by an Octopus Card. The Octopus card or Octocard works the same way as my wristwatch. I only purchased an Octopus watch because I wanted a watch and I liked the idea of anyways having some money on me that was not in the form of cash. One of the best things about the transportation in Hong Kong is that it is very cheap! I love traveling on the MTR because I could travel almost anywhere in Hong Kong by the MTR. I stayed in the New Territories which are further away from Hong Kong Island. So I would often on the weekends travel down to HK Island. So next time you travel to Hong Kong you might want to check out buying an Octopus watch, especially if you plan on going back regularly or live there. Luckily I still have some credit on my watch so I can easily get on the bus without worrying about buying a bus ticket next time I’m in Hong Kong.

~ by branhow on December 22, 2009.

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