Acer Aspire Unboxing

Well I am finally getting around to uploading this video. I am really enjoying my Acer Aspire. I am posting a link at the end of this post to Best Buy, which is where I bought mine. I sold my MSI Wind U100 *tear* so I could purchase this nettop box. It is running Ubuntu 9.10 beautifully and I have installed all the additional resources I needed. I did purchase another gig stick because I noticed playing back higher quality video was a little lagging even with the Ion chipset. But this little computer can support up to 4 gigabytes of RAM. I was highly impressed. Installing the RAM is almost as easy as installing it on a laptop. The hard drive space is also lacking (160 gigabytes) but I just attached a portable 250 gigabyte USB drive I had lying around. So anyways I hope you enjoy the unboxing! Thanks for watching.

~ by branhow on January 29, 2010.

One Response to “Acer Aspire Unboxing”

  1. you r welcome for the three hundred so you could buy that. o and thanks for the netbook it is awsome. i am almost using it more than my desktop.


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